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Posted by Elizabeth on April 6, 2011 in Real Estate Photography

Last week I was contacted by Jen, a long time client of mine. Her house is on the market and she wanted me to come out and photograph it for the real estate listing. Of course, the listing agents are usually the ones to do this and hers already had. However, most real estate agents bring along a trusty point and shoot camera and most point and shoot cameras don’t have the wide angle lens capabilities to photograph an entire room, unless that room is in a mansion!  Also, real estate agents’ expertise is real estate and not properly lighting a room for a photograph. As a result, many photos in real estate listings are dark and don’t truly showcase all of the great features a home has to offer. Jen is hoping her house will sell quickly and is hoping that some professional photos of her home will give potential buyers a better idea of how great her home is and bring them through the doors.

If you’re selling your home and want some great photos to show it off or, if your business is selling homes and you’re interested in partnering with me to sell more, get in touch with me! You can email me at or call me at (517) 262-3662. Here are some of the photos I took, with the “before” photos taken by the real estate agent for comparison. If you’d like to see more and/or if you’re interested in this beautiful home for sale in Brooklyn, Michigan, click HERE. Enjoy!

The original listing photo was shot straight on but I did one at an angle to give a better idea of how large the house is.

Better lighting and a wider lens makes all the difference in showing off this great living room.

The peaceful master bedroom.

A wider lens allows a better view of this cute kid's room.

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